Results of my first colored pencil portrait
I’m crying as my prismacolors get shorter, but this is also kind of pretty

Progress pictures of my Patrick Stewart 😪😪😪 prolly took like 18 or so hours

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u ever fall in love with an art style?? like an art style crush?? like you see anything drawn in that style and you swoon??

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No, it’s not Mr. Clean.

Holy shit guys over 4000 notes on my pjo/hoo/Pokémon crossover, you’re all the best mdkfidbsjkaoxkfbdhejskdndfnhfjx

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Too bad I only have like 20 minutes of free time a day to actually read it

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Finishing multiple art projects in one night like


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being friends with artists to get free drawings doesn’t even work!!!! i am an artist and i cant even give myself free drawings

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Me after finding out Blood of Olympus hasn’t arrived yet 

Also after the DreamWorks presentation, making me think about the future
Final for the our color palette project